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Are you being drawn to get divine help with a spiritual, emotional or physical issue, but want to make sure you work with someone with a crystal pure heart who has already earned a spiritual community’s respect and trust?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are in the right place.

All services are available in Spanish and English.

Rina Lichtinger,
Yoga /Meditation teacher, Spiritually-Oriented Yoga Chakra

Born In Mexico City. Married. 43 years. Rina has been practicing Yoga and meditation for 30 years, teaching Spiritual workshops for over 25 years, fluent in Spanish and English, French. Frequent author for: Enlightened Practice Magazine, Natural awakening magazine.

Rina Lichtinger- Yoga /Meditation teacher, Spiritually-Oriented Yoga Chakra Yoga and Meditation

  • Reiki Master, Certified
  • Healing Touch practitioner
  • Shamanic teacher
  • Ordained Rev Alliance of Divine Love
  • Spiritual Author
  • Clairvoyant reader,
  • Arkashic records readings

"I am a firm believer that those who need to receive messages and guidance through me, will find me. So I encourage you to go with your heart when it comes to selecting whether my readings are the right step for you.

Trust the Universe Divine Plan to achieve Oneness"

Rina Lichtinger
Rina Lichtinger Folding Handings
My Services

Soul Evolution Workshop – Chakra Wisdom

Chakras are the architecture of your soul” This workshop is for anyone interested in expanding their spirituality through a deepened familiarity with the chakra system.

Why Work With Me

Over 30 Years Of Experience

Rina was a speaker and presenter in different expos over the 30 years. She was a Panelist for Dimension Desconosidas Tv program. In topics Esoteric and Spirituality,

Qualified & Certificated

Healing Touch Practitioner

Best Selling Author

In April of 2021, Rina released Paws of Love: Transforming Grief to Empowerment, a heartwarming book which includes 7 Spiritual Practices to heal your heart after the loss of a beloved pet.

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Praise for Rina

Let the small stuff go. Don't be anxious about life, what you shall eat or drink. Life is a gift. Nourish your mind with simple quiet meditation. A wise man loses nothing, if he but save himself.

Jai Ishwari
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