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A Little Bit About Myself

Ishwari, Rina Lichtinger, was born in Mexico City, fluent in Spanish, English, French and Italian. Ishwari has been practicing meditation and yoga for 30 years.

Aside from her own spiritual practice, Rina has taught numerous spiritual workshops, is a Reiki Master, Certified Healing Touch practitioner, Shamanic teacher, Clairvoyant reader and author. Her goal is to awaken everyone she meets to their “divine plan” true gifts and universal wisdom.

Action expresses priorities.
-Mahatma Gandhi

Areas Of Specialty

Arkashic records readings

Healing Touch practitioner

Shamanic teacher

Ordained Rev Alliance of

Spiritual Author

Clairvoyant reader

Professional Background


Rina has received many awards for her charitable work and was most notably named “Woman of the Year” for her 15 years of work with the American Cancer Society, Kids in Distress Auxiliary, The Philharmonic Society and Opera Society.
  • 2000 Author my first book “The Enchanted Land a Healing Story for Children”
  • 2006, Rina released her channeling book “ Visions of Light the Power of Letting Go Spiritual Evolution “
  • In April of 2021, Rina released Paws of Love: Transforming Grief to Empowerment, a heartwarming book which includes 7 Spiritual Practices to heal your heart after the loss of a beloved pet. The book quickly became a must-read for all pet owners.
  • Rina has also written for Enlightened Practice Magazine, Natural Awakening Magazine and many other popular spiritual publications.


In 2000 you were given the award of Woman of the Year by cancer society for 15 years of charity work in Florida.

Importance of Meditation

Yoga is the key to self discovery

Mediation is the key to evolve spiritually in this lifetime. It is very important to be consistent in your daily meditation to achieve your goal. Embrace the present. Yoga breathing helps you manage your energy for equanimity of mind. The peace between breaths regains mental clarity.

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