Chakra Aromaratherapy - Invigorating- Kit (Individual Buy)




• 4 Oz Rosemary Basil Sugar Body Scrub $25.00
• 8 Oz Lemon Spay Aerosol $20.00
• 2 Oz Peppermint Essential Oil $20.00
• 2 Oz Basil Rosemary Blend $35.00
• 2 Oz Lemongrass Hand Sanitizer $15.00



I have been a certified aromatherapist for 25 years  using organic therapeutic Essential Oils 100 % pure for my blends. I enhance every batch  with prayer and Reiki Symbols.

Caution always avoid eye contact using any Essential oils or Aerosol Mists.

What’s An  Aerosol?

Is a combination of 100 % pure  Essential Oils, 90 % alcohol, fractionated coconut oil and distilled water.

Purpose use Aerosol?

To refresh are of use, antibacterial , antifungal properties all natural gifts from the earth.


·         Suggested use AM: Start your morning with Rosemary Basil Sugar scrub full body rinse and then shower followed by roll-on:

Topical direct to skin place to wrists, temples. Behind the neck, plants of feet use socks, tennis shoes to keep energized through your exercise routine, work, and also cafes for runners as needed through the day. Applications  you can use the mist on body mist  aerosol your bathroom, home, kitchen, bathrooms or car .

Caution: roll-on blend extremely concentrated, use very small amounts, mist can be used for inspiration, scrub once a week to enhance your energies.

·         Lemongrass hand sanitizer is extremely concentrated. You need to drop the palm of your hand and use a daily keep  in a cooling place.

Chakras Centers will keep open and Aura filed expanded feeling calm, centered and focused.

Notice the shift in emotional, mental and spiritual connection by using Aromatherapy daily.

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Aerosol, Basil Rosemary Blend, Body Scrub, Hand Sanitizer, Peppermint Essential Oil, Roll On

Chakra Aromaratherapy – Invigorating- Kit (Individual Buy)

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