Chakra Balancing


Session Duration: 1 Hours

Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing, heart-centered energy therapy that uses gentle, intentional touch that assists in balancing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual Assessment, follow by pendulum reading

Chakra balancing :Aura clearing,

  • Restoring immune system
  • Releasing stress
  • Managing anxiety
  • Reflexology using Aromatherapy essential oils


Typically, practitioners will use an HT technique that is said to balance and clear the energy field. This can be done with hands placed just above the body or with actual light touch involved. The balancing technique usually concentrates on the seven main chakras and the joints of the extremities. Then, the practitioner will often focus on areas where the energy field is believed to be stagnant or not flowing properly. By being able to sense what the flow of energy feels like, practitioners are believed to locate aberrant energy and, using intention, to direct it to a desired location or pattern. The ultimate goal is removing all energetic obstacles and facilitating an ideal condition for healing to occur.

Oftentimes, this treatment produces a state of deep calmness and relaxation. Patients may even fall asleep or be in a dreamy state of consciousness. Moreover, they can experience warmth, tingling, pulsations, or an emotional release. Their bodies may even exhibit involuntary muscle spasm and jerking. Some individuals report seeing colors or visions. Others experience feeling elevated or being outside their body. Whether these effects are due to the HT therapy or are simply a manifestation of expectations that the client brings to the session is undetermined.


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Chakra Balancing

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