Mentorship Private Sessions (Weekly)


1 Session of 1 Hour and half per week, including energy balance, 30 mins oracle card reading, a ritual to remove old karmas.

I am an intuitive reader; this means I can pick up on the energy around you. In many ways, I can feel you and your energy on the deepest level. I then use this information to help guide you towards your highest path.

5 steps to become the spiritual self you deserve and love.
You will need a journal, will do assessment of your needs and wants, follow by weekly time for session zoom or in person.
You will shift emotionally, energetically and mentally to Empower yourself and people around you

  • PROGRAM #1
    Is suffering necessary in this human form? Changing the self-sabotage
    What is fear and consequences, Releasing Anxiety into gratitude
    Weekly setting your goals for prosperity, who you are and Why are you here?
  • PROGRAM #4
    Stop blockages for ancestral influences, learn to trust your Divine Plan
    Importance of journaling, meditation and benefits
    What is suffering in the mundane plane 4th dimension?
    How it affects physical, emotional, spiritual field?
    The principle of asking, Spirit guidance
    Meting apparent imperfections
    Is suffering necessary in the human form?
  • PROGRAM #8
    Shift your thoughts and actions; the universe has a plan for you
    Accept your weaknesses and strengths; Forgiveness is the key to change
  • PROGRAM#10
    – Make a list of the things you want to liberate (visualization)

What is your purpose? And dreams
Drop Ego and expectations
Who are you why are you here
Tree meditation visualization
Creating sacred space, group channeling


How Are Classes Held?
Classes can be held on the telephone, in person, once a week internet or on zoom.

How Long Will It Take?
The coursework is designed to promote your personal spiritual growth, and we encourage you to enjoy your spiritual journey, instead of focusing on the end achievement.


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Mentorship Private Sessions (Weekly)

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