Oracle Card Readings


Session Duration: 1 Hour 

In my readings I connect to your Astral energy body , chakras follow by Oracle Card readings, Shamanic readings, Arkashic records readings.

I am a Clairvoyant and intuitive Clairaudient Reader


  • Ishwari will chose different deck cards for you
  • Your life purpose, your destiny?
  • Health, Relationships, spiritual Guidance
  • Chakra system
  • Inca medicine cards divination what is blocking you past lives, what the present brings to you, what to embrace for your future
  • I connect to your Astral energy body and Chakras  System
  • Shamanic Divinations Readings helps you get clarity past present future.
  • Oracle cards readings will guide you into the purpose of your Soul Evolution to guide you towards your highest path.
  • What does your soul have to tell you?
  • Did you know soul family, determines the fundamental strengths and challenges of your soul. Some of us are from this Earth, and some are not d during this lifetime, your soul’s development is determined by your actions and spiritual growth.
  • The choices you make will influence your soul’s evolution for the rest of this lifetime.

I am a firm believer that those who need to receive messages and guidance through me, will find me.

Let’s Get Started! Let Rina choose the card deck for you !

Trust the Universe Divine Plan to achieve Oneness


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Oracle Card Readings

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