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Do you feel you’re falling apart after recently losing a beloved dog? Ishwari (Rina Lichtinger)–-a lightworker and author who supports people’s awakening to their Divine plans-–has been through the same thing, and understands. Allow her to hold your hand as she shares the story of how, with Divine guidance, the devastating sorrow and grief triggered by the death of her beloved Rexi finally evolved into empowerment. This same guidance led Ishwari to write this book-–a template of seven spiritual practices you can follow to heal your heart after the dog you love so much leaves you and transforms into spirit.


Praise for Paws of Love

Paws of Love is a heartwarming healing book and a must read for every dog lover.”
Wendy Wennberg, MBA, ACC, NLP, Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist
“Paws of Love
 is a beautiful story about the love between two souls–a human and a dog.”
Charlene Christiano, ANP-BC, Integrative Health Practitioner
“Paws of Love is the best book ever written about losing a dog and how to listen to God and transform the unbearable into something positive.”
Natalia Morales, Owner of Lollipaws Grooming Services
“The degree to which our pets can touch our hearts and impact our lives is astonishing.”
Douglas Thieme, DVM, Seiler Animal Hospital

“I fell in love with Rexi. And, with Ishwari too!”
Margot Gobetti, MD, Homeopathy & Anthroposophic Medicine, Holistic Healer
“I’d recommend Paws of Love to all animal lovers, and particularly to anyone suffering the loss of a beloved companion.”
Jason Woodle, Owner, Dogtopia of Fort Lauderdale–Northeast
“Ishwari’s book teaches us much more than how to heal from the loss of a pet–it is a manual for grieving loss of any kind.”
Marcia A Gill, RN, CHTP, Energy Healer
“I definitely think even people who haven’t lost a dog will find this book a joy to read and inspiring.”
Nancy L. Wingerter, Publisher/Author of Wisdom of the Soul, Instructor for over twenty years in Vibrational Healing, Holistic Nurse, Speaker
“Ishwari shows us the possibility of finding the inner and outer light.”
Arlette Rothhirsch, D.V.M., M.D., veterinarian, former surgeon, animal communicator, energy healer, human consciousness teacher, and the author of seven published books
Paws of Love provides a blueprint for not only how to recover from grief with dog loss, but also how to thrive spiritually in this challenging, transitional epoch of human history we are living in.”
Sherine Bichara, Owner of Elixir of Life by L’Alchimiste
“Maybe a bit like the classic, Jonathan Livingston Seagull.  Best ever!”
Sharon Gruber, RN, LMT, HT practitioner & energy therapist
“This book is a must read for all pet owners.”
Elsa Maldonado, Forever Student, Forever Teacher and Owner of Pawfidant
“Anyone who has a fur baby should read about her journey through this expression of pure Love.”
Dr. and Rev. Peg Gordon, DDMS, mentor of Alliance of Divine Love doctoral program
Paws of Love reinforces our inner knowingness that we shouldn’t be afraid to feel our emotions as we go through the stages of grieving.”
Ruth Chayet, M.A. in Learning Disabilities and Family Therapy, parent consultation and course facilitator Neufield Institute, Creator of “Love Coaching”
“I love this book and I know that it will help a lot of people.”
Grace Terry, Founder of the Infinite Voice Academy, soul singer, producer, composer and sound healer
“It is a gift to anyone coping with the loss of a loved one.”
Nasim Sattar, CPA and 300 Hour Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher
“A beautiful read.”
Richard Wexler, yogi, barber, massage therapist
“Ishwari will guide you through the darkness of loss to reach inner peace and healing.”
Danielle Gaudreau, Animal advocate and Salon Bark Spa and Boutique owner
“I was inspired with the way Ishwari unites humans and animals in a unique bond.”
Teresa Waisman, Ph.D., Political Philosophy (Sorbonne University) and Literature (Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM)), over forty years as Professor of Literature and Philosophy, UNAM, and author of Modernization of Mexico
“Grieving over the loss of a pet is a very personal experience that sometimes others don’t understand.”
Julio Lacayo, Owner, 305 Doggie


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Paws Of Love (eBook)

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